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About GSG

We provide the best educational environment

Established in 2005, the head office of GSG is located in Clark which is the special economic zone (SEZ) of Philippines.

We are proud of our management system and staff, methodical with a strict education and a profesional teaching workforce which are chosen by thousands of students in order to improve their language skills, preparing them for studying abroad and living in an international environment.


GS Language Center serves as a bridge of languages in mutiple countries.

We create many opportunities for native and foreign students to approach and improve on their studying:

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international universities

GS Language Center is the first choice for language training programs.

“We never stop creating new things!”

GSG has organized recruitments in more than 6 countries: Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Philippines and Vietnam.

Connected to over 150 universities

which is the firm foundation for students to have opportunities to study and work in an international environment.

Having a professional management system with over 16 years of experience

we continueously strive to bring the best quality of education to the students.
Who we are?

The founders, staff and teachers of GSG

GSG is proud of our sincere and whole-hearted team of leaders which are always willing to listen and clear up students’ queries.


Not only an English language center…

GSG is also a place providing a teaching workforce for many agencies, schools, etc. GSG is one of the leading centers relating to studying abroad and training.